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3d Embroidery

Time To Stand Out with 3D Embroidery

It’s time to Stand Out from your competition with our 3D Embroidery using a product called ‘high build’.  This is a great technique if you are looking for something a little different or special to give your workwear, uniform or team kit a bit of an edge…


What’s the difference between 3D embroidery and normal embroidery?

Compared with standard embroidery, high build actual sews a foam material underneath the stitches to raise the profile of the embroidery giving a great 3d effect.  The foam is 100% washable and looks fantastic!  See the image above showing a standard embroidered jacket on the right and a 3d logo on the left…

Great for Caps!

3d Embroidery works really well on hats & caps.  These are ideal for merchandising or giveaways as they add great perceived value.

To get a quote on 3d embroidered items (bags, clothing, caps etc) for your logo – whether you’re a business, a sports team or something in between just give us a call or email…