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Who are the best workwear suppliers in the UK?

Who are the best embroidery companies and workwear suppliers in the UK

Exploring the Finest Workwear Suppliers Across the UK In the world of branded clothing in the UK, ‘workwear’ takes on a broader meaning. It’s not just about traditional uniforms; it’s about creating a sense of identity, whether for a dance group, a team of builders, or a tech startup. Across the country, suppliers are embracing […]

Who are the best workwear suppliers in Berkshire

Who are the best embroidery companies and workwear suppliers in Berkshire?

Every day we’re talking to customers about their workwear in the Berkshire area.  Whether it’s uniform for their staff, workwear for their technicians on site or promotional merchandise for events.  We’re taking a unique approach in casting a spotlight on some of our esteemed competitors.  Why? Because understanding their strengths not only helps us improve […]

Buying cheap printed t-shirts – what’s the best print method?

Many businesses are looking for cheap printed t-shirts every day for many reasons.  It may be that you are hosting a one-off event or looking for low-cost giveaways for your event.  Finding cost-effective and affordable options for creating cheap printed t-shirts is crucial. Printing t-shirts in large quantities can quickly become expensive, so it’s important […]


Why branded clothing is a great marketing tool at trade shows and events

Branded clothing is an excellent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and industries, and it’s especially effective at trade shows and events.  Here are some reasons why branded clothing is a must-have when exhibiting at trade shows and events: It’s an easy way to create a unified look. When your team members wear branded […]


What are the benefits of eco friendly clothing for branded workwear?

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases, businesses are taking notice and making changes to their operations. One of these changes is the adoption of eco-friendly clothing for branded workwear. If you’re considering eco-friendly workwear for your business, here are some of the benefits you can expect. Better for the […]

What are the different printing methods?

What are the different types of printing methods for customised t-shirts?

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition, charity or sports event you will no doubt have seen people in a variety of different customised t-shirts or with bags displaying various slogans, logos, messages etc.  You may well wonder what type of print is possible on a customised t-shirt or other garment and how people can […]

Important things to consider when ordering workwear

Important things to consider when ordering branded workwear.

Are you looking to purchase branded workwear to help promote your business?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of companies offering branded workwear and the many choices available to you?  You are not alone!  We receive many calls from business owners unsure where to start in the ordering process, but we hope this article […]

How to ‘un-shrink’ your cotton clothes

Have you ever found that your brand new cotton t-shirt has shrunk after the first wash or two? Fear not, all is not lost! Learn how to ‘un-shrink’ it…

4 Colour Print vs Full Colour Print

You may have heard both full colour & 4 colour print but whats’ the difference? It’s an important subject when looking at branded clothing & promotional goods

Printed t-shirts folded, rolled and banded

Any special requests?

Any special requests for your branded clothing? We always try to entertain any specific requirements for our clients wherever possible… It’s fair to say that in the embroidered & printed clothing game every order could be classed as a special request as each customer will require a different logo, artwork, sponsor, text on their embroidered polo shirts compared […]

How do you resolve mistakes in your business?

What happens if something goes wrong? We love helping our customers look the business with all types of branded clothing and workwear and we like to think that we’re pretty good at what we do, however we are only human and sometimes (thankfully not often) we make a mistake. It’s how you deal with it […]

Use your customers to advertise your business for free

We’ve got some great tips on leveraging your own customers to promote your business/brand/logo at almost no cost to yourself… One of the biggest costs for a lot of businesses is advertising.  Deciding where best to spend your hard earned money to try and turn it into even more money!  Whether it’s online advertising through […]

What is a vector logo or vector image?

One of the most common questions we get asked: “What is a vector image?” and “Why do I need to supply my logo in vector format?” It’s quite difficult to explain what a vector logo or vector artwork is but it’s really important in the branded clothing & promotional products industry… Vector artwork is required […]

Improve your efficiency with branded Workwear and uniforms

There are many advantages of wearing the same items of clothing each day (and I don’t mean literally the same tshirt every day!!). It has been said that wearing the same items every day leads to a clearer mind and more efficient thinking… Take the mogul Steve Jobs of Apple – he was renowned for […]

Promotional Merchandise & Giveaways Branded Clothing

It’s all about the relationships

Here at SP Workwear it’s not just about branded clothing. There are many other products we supply which can help you advertise and promote your business… It’s a pretty obvious fact that embroidered workwear and staff uniform is more likely to appeal to your customers than an unbranded garment and help sell your products or […]

Embroidered polo shirts

Top tips when picking colours for new uniform & workwear

January is usually a busy time for us as many business owners and marketing managers decide to start new campaigns, refresh their work clothing, reinvent their logos and branding, take on additional staff and generally have a bit of a freshen up in the New Year. It’s most common that our clients tend to know […]

Clothing decorating methods – what’s the difference?

Ever wondered what the different decoration methods are for clothing and which one would be most suitable for you? It can be a little bit confusing when it comes to picking the right branding method for your workwear and uniform.  Should you go for embroidery?  Or would it look better in vinyl or screen printed? […]

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Clothing Portal

Blood, Sweat & Tears Building a business isn’t an easy task at the best of times, especially when you’re a sole trader and are working in your business all day and work on your business every other waking moment.  There are many interesting books and articles about working in your business vs working on your […]

Planning an Event or Project Launch? We can help…

Planning an Event or Project Launch? From conception to completion SP Workwear can help… We were contacted by a Global pharmaceutical company HQ’d in Maidenhead to help organise the launch of a Worldwide project called ‘Edge’ – we had 3 weeks from conception to finalise the logo and produce a range of branded items to […]

5 Things to think about when choosing workwear/uniform for your business

5 Things to think about when choosing workwear/uniform for your business

When you are deciding on the best solution for your new workwear there are many things to consider. Read our 5 things to think about when selecting the best new uniform for your business: 1. Style A lot of people come to us with some great ideas about how they want their workwear to look. Some want […]

Bespoke Tech Tops For Double Guinness World Record™ Indoor Cycling Event

Back in February 2016 we were contacted by Steven Smith of Rave & Ride, an indoor cycling company that combines indoor cycling exercise classes with the art of techno music creating an extremely fun and unique way of keeping fit!  Imagine cycling in the dark with techno music and disco lights with live DJ’s alongside your […]

Embroidered Rugby Shirt for Exhibition

Embroidered Rugby Shirts for US Company in Europe

We were contacted by the Marketing department of US based company TV One who were looking for embroidered rugby shirts for an upcoming exhibition they had in Europe.  They have offices all over the World so were looking for a European supplier to brand the clothing and ship it where it needed to be. With […]

Stand out from your competition

Stand out from your competition in 2016

Stand out from your competition in 2016 Let’s face it, you only get one chance at a first impression…   Whilst you’re pondering your business moves for 2016 over your Christmas Turkey think about how your company presents itself in front of your customers. How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? Our focus at […]

Personalised Fitness Clothing

Client Focus – The Fitness Experts

Client Focus: The Fitness Experts Whether it’s stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol or getting fit, it’s always hard to maintain motivation once the ‘honeymoon period’ has run its course. We spoke to one of our clients, Tom Edwards from The Fitness Experts, who operates a gym with a difference based in Basingstoke. The Fitness […]

Embroidered Workwear In A Hurry

Embroidered Workwear in a hurry

Fast turnaround – embroidered workwear in a hurry It’s a regular occurrence in our industry to be approached by a client looking for extremely fast turnaround for their branded clothing.  Quite often I’ll get a call saying “Our current supplier has let us down and I need some embroidered workwear in a hurry – can […]