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Logo Digitising for Embroidery

Digitise Logo

Digitising is a term that describes taking a logo or design and converting it into a format that an embroidery machine can understand.  Not only does it contain the shapes and colours that make up the logo but it also contains stitch information such as stitch patterns, stitch density, stitch directions and more.  It is extremely important to get this right when converting a logo for embroidery.  Digitising is a specialist process that is not usually undertaken by graphic designers as the software that is needed is very specialised and completely bespoke to embroidery.  A standard graphics package such as Photoshop or CorelDraw does not have the capability of inserting stitch information into a design.

Take the design above – the first image is the logo in standard format (such as jpeg), the second is the logo in its digitised format containing all relevant stitch information.  The third image is a stitched sample using the .dst format file from image two.

We offer digitising services and usually sample the design onto a piece of cotton prior to any clothing branding.  We also make adjustments where necessary at no extra charge.