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Printed Vinyl

Printed Vinyl

Printed VinylPrinted Vinyl Clothing

Our specialist machines enable us to print full colour logos and text onto various types of garment media.  The finish is very vibrant and long lasting.  Printed vinyl clothing is great for jobs like printing shirt sponsor logos onto football shirts and training tops.  Unlike embroidery and screen printing, with printed vinyl clothing there are no set up costs so small quantities, as well as large quantities, are not a problem.

Sponsor Logo Printing

If you are part of a sports team or group with sponsors then vinyl printed clothing is the best way to apply the sponsor’s logos to your clothing.  We use special media vinyl that blocks out the colour of the garment so the logos ‘pop’ and look sharp and are easily visible.  For example, if your sponsor’s logo is a white colour and you have a dark striped garment our specialist vinyls will ensure that the striped garment does not show where the sponsor’s logo is printed onto the top.