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Printed t-shirts folded, rolled and banded

Any special requests?

Any special requests for your branded clothing?

We always try to entertain any specific requirements for our clients wherever possible…

It’s fair to say that in the embroidered & printed clothing game every order could be classed as a special request as each customer will require a different logo, artwork, sponsor, text on their embroidered polo shirts compared to every other customer.  However, we sometimes get asked for more specific requests that we will always try and fulfill.


Printed, Folded, Rolled & Banded T-Shirts

What ever do we mean?!

One of our most recent clients came to us through a referral – they’re a software company that exhibit at lots of exhibitions and trade events around Europe (and further).  Due to the nature of the software they sell/provide they have a large following of customers and users who love to collect their branded merchandise!  One of the most popular giveaways for this particular client is printed t-shirts with their company logo and slogans etc.

They came to us as we were recommended to them from another customer and we discussed their requirements: They needed 3,500 printed t-shirts with a front and back 2 colour print and gave us a 6 week lead time.  Nothing out of the ordinary there so no problem…  “However,” they said, “we also need them folded, rolled and banded with a silicon band showing the size – this helps us immensely at trade shows to locate the exact size very quickly when we are giving them away.”

As standard practice we always fold customer orders and pack them into clear packets with sizing labels and washing instructions but the rolling and banding requirement we were told was “make or break” in terms of us getting the deal.Rolled-T-Shirts

Silicon Size Bands

Luckily with our promotional goods side of the business we were able to tap into some of our great contacts and find the best solution.  This was in fact by using a silicon wristband – we organised the printed wristbands with the company’s pantone colours to match the t-shirts and printed them up in the different sizes they had ordered (Small through to XX-Large).

We then set about folding, rolling and size banding each of the t-shirts before packing them neatly into each box, which was also labelled up clearly to help identify the right size as quickly as possible.

The image on the right shows the finished rolled t-shirts – we actually rolled them so that the company logo and artwork was showing on the front making them look more appealing but for the purposes of this blog we have kept the artwork hidden.

Do you have any special requirements when it comes to your branded clothing, workwear or promotional goods?  We’ve had many situations where we have needed to source specific promotional giveaways for customers – either a specific colour, size or shape.  With our range of contacts in both the UK, China and other Countries we can help find the right solution for you.

T-Shirt-BoxesBranded Clothing & Promotional Merchandise

So when it comes to finding a branded clothing supplier or promotional goods supplier who can take your specific requirements and deliver exactly what you need give us a call and let us know how we can help.  We’re always used to brainstorming ideas for various event themes and trying to come up with the best solution to suit you and your customers.

To discuss marketing collateral, branded clothing and promotional giveaways for your company just give us a call on 01628 308810.