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Embroidered polo shirts for work

Why Should I Order Embroidered Polo Shirts for My Business?

You might be wondering whether polo shirts are a sound investment for your business. If they’re worth it, what you want them to say, and how much use they’ll be to your business, but polo shirts embroidered with your company logo can be a cost-effective way of smartening up your business. Well, read on for reasons why your next uniform order should include a little embroidery.

First Impressions with Embroidered Polo Shirts

You can have the best customer service in the world, but if your employees look like they spent the night in a ditch, customers will begin their interactions with them in a sceptical frame of mind. A polo shirt is the ideal uniform. Every member of staff will match and create a striking and industrious-looking first impression for customers. Crucially as well, customers will be able to easily identify members of staff if they need help or have a query. Our polo shirts are all embroidered in-house, which ensures there’s consistency in every item we send out to you.

Replacing Embroidered Polo Shirts & Uniforms

If your current uniforms are looking a bit tired, then it’s definitely worth thinking about an upgrade. Especially if you’ve just had a refit, or are planning one, then you want your employees’ uniforms to look just as shiny and new. This can enhance the self-esteem for your staff which, in turn, will give them an improved attitude. The logos on our shirts are high-quality, meaning they’ll last your employees a long while before wear and tear takes its toll.

Using Embroidered Polo Shirts For Advertising

When they’re wearing your company colours and logo, your employees are walking adverts for your business. You want to keep that impression of your business slick and smart, so a neat embroidered logo will tell anyone your employees meet who you are. Couple this with a bright, recognisable colour and you’ll be ahead of the game in ensuring your brand is recognisable. In addition to this, studies have shown that employees tend to be more accountable for their actions outside of the workplace when dressed in company workwear. If you are consistent with branding in all other aspects of your business – paperwork, website, vehicles etc – then you need your uniforms to be equally as representative.

Team Spirit with Embroidered Polo Shirts

An embroidered polo shirt will go the extra mile and create the first impression that says your staff members are a team. More than that, it will help your employees feel like a team which, in turn, can improve productivity and a sense of working together. The uniforms might well instill a sense of pride and responsibility and turn your employees into brand ambassadors when outside of the workplace. But you need those they encounter to know who you are, so a plain polo shirt just won’t do it. An embroidered polo shirt will.

Embroidered polo shirts look smart and are immediately recognisable as belonging to a particular business. They won’t set you back a huge amount and can vastly improve customers’ perceptions of your business. So, when you’re thinking about placing your next uniform order, consider an embroidered polo shirt for your business’ employees.