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Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Clothing Portal

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Building a business isn’t an easy task at the best of times, especially when you’re a sole trader and are working in your business all day and work on your business every other waking moment.  There are many interesting books and articles about working in your business vs working on your business but the truth of the matter is that if you are the reason your business exists there’s not a great deal you can do to change that.

For instance, you’re an electrician – it’s your business and you are the one with all the expertise so there’s nobody who can come in and do what you do to ease the stress or help when you get busy.  Likewise if you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor.  Most of your day is spent 1:1 with clients helping them with their fitness and encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle.  When you’re not in sessions with clients you are organising your paperwork, invoices and emailing clients organising the next sessions.  When is there time to work on developing your business and taking your brand to the next level?

You could, perhaps hire a trainee – someone you could teach the ropes who could look to take over some of your sessions with your clients, but then your clients usually book you because it’s you.  You’ve built up a relationship and you inspire these clients to do better, so would they even be happy working with a trainee or anyone who wasn’t you?  You could use a virtual PA to take care of some of your admin.  Perhaps they could send your invoices and organise your sessions, but then you’d still need to spend time with them to tell them who to invoice and when you are available for sessions etc.  It’s a tough World out there!

Branded Personal Trainer Clothing

Here at SP Workwear we’ve worked with many fitness instructors, personal trainers, health clubs and gyms to produce branded clothing for them.  Some of our clients are individual PT’s who run individual sessions, some run bootcamps in group classes and some are gyms and sports clubs themselves.  Not only do we produce branded clothing, promotional merchandise and accessories for the business owners to wear themselves but we have developed an Online Portal where businesses can sell branded clothing and promo items to their clients through our website.  This enables them to boost their brand in terms of awareness and in some instances can also provide an additional revenue stream.

Their clients like wearing branded clothing as it makes them feel part of a team or community.  We have produced a number of branded training tops, both t-shirts and vests in unisex and ladyfit styling for trainers who take their clients to Bootcamps and Challenges such as Tough Mudders and Toughest challenges.  They all rock up in their printed sports tops looking like part of the team and it inspires them to work together throughout the course.

Fitness Instructor Clothing Portal

Our Portal service is easy to set up.  Firstly, we’d ask you to place an order with us to make sure you like what we do!  There are no huge orders, you can easily just order 1 item.  Once you’re happy with the item(s) we then set up a dedicated order portal on our website where you can direct your clients, friends, family or whoever to in order for them to purchase clothing items branded with your logo.  You set the price you want us to sell it for and we pay you the difference between what we charge you less any transaction charges etc.  It really is that simple.

For more information on how we can help you with printed fitness clothing or to help boost your brand awareness through merchandising just give us a call: 01628 308810 or send us an email.

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