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The Solution to Sizing Issues with Branded Company Clothing

Enhancing Remote Work Culture with Branded Company Clothing In an era where remote work has become the norm rather than the exception, maintaining a sense of team cohesion and company identity poses a unique set of challenges. Branded company clothing, once a novelty, has evolved into a crucial tool for fostering a sense of belonging […]

Can I get a visual before I order

Can I get a visual of my branded clothing before I order?

When we receive an order we will always produce a visual of your branded clothing for approval before proceeding with decoration to a garment. This is to ensure you are completely happy with the way your artwork/logo looks on the items you have ordered so you have nothing to worry about when placing the order. […]

can i use a previous embroidery file

Can I use an embroidery file from another workwear supplier?

The short answer is Yes. If you have had an embroidery file created by a previous workwear supplier and you have paid for the setup you should be able to use the same file for orders with a different supplier. But there’s a lot more to it than that… Sometimes it can be difficult to […]

Use your customers to advertise your business for free

We’ve got some great tips on leveraging your own customers to promote your business/brand/logo at almost no cost to yourself… One of the biggest costs for a lot of businesses is advertising.  Deciding where best to spend your hard earned money to try and turn it into even more money!  Whether it’s online advertising through […]

What is a vector logo or vector image?

One of the most common questions we get asked: “What is a vector image?” and “Why do I need to supply my logo in vector format?” It’s quite difficult to explain what a vector logo or vector artwork is but it’s really important in the branded clothing & promotional products industry… Vector artwork is required […]

Embroidered polo shirts

Top tips when picking colours for new uniform & workwear

January is usually a busy time for us as many business owners and marketing managers decide to start new campaigns, refresh their work clothing, reinvent their logos and branding, take on additional staff and generally have a bit of a freshen up in the New Year. It’s most common that our clients tend to know […]

Screen printing 75x t-shirts is cheaper than vinyl right?

We were recently asked by one of our customers to quote for some printed t-shirts with their logo on so they could resell them as an additional revenue stream for their fitness business.  They wanted to get around 75x cotton t-shirts printed with logo front & back. Naturally, you would think that screen printed t-shirts […]

Clothing decorating methods – what’s the difference?

Ever wondered what the different decoration methods are for clothing and which one would be most suitable for you? It can be a little bit confusing when it comes to picking the right branding method for your workwear and uniform.  Should you go for embroidery?  Or would it look better in vinyl or screen printed? […]

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Clothing Portal

Blood, Sweat & Tears Building a business isn’t an easy task at the best of times, especially when you’re a sole trader and are working in your business all day and work on your business every other waking moment.  There are many interesting books and articles about working in your business vs working on your […]

Embroidered Workwear In A Hurry

Embroidered Workwear in a hurry

Fast turnaround – embroidered workwear in a hurry It’s a regular occurrence in our industry to be approached by a client looking for extremely fast turnaround for their branded clothing.  Quite often I’ll get a call saying “Our current supplier has let us down and I need some embroidered workwear in a hurry – can […]