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Use your customers to advertise your business for free

We’ve got some great tips on leveraging your own customers to promote your business/brand/logo at almost no cost to yourself…

One of the biggest costs for a lot of businesses is advertising.  Deciding where best to spend your hard earned money to try and turn it into even more money!  Whether it’s online advertising through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google AdWords, or offline methods such as leaflet drops, mailshots and advertising on the back of buses there are so many options to consider.

Branded clothing & merchandise is an advert for your business…

Whether you’re wearing an embroidered polo shirt with your company logo on the breast or an embroidered backpack you’re promoting your brand wherever you go; visiting a new customer, waiting in line at the bank or picking up the kids from school.  These are all great (and free) ways to advertise your business without spending any more on advertising if you already wear branded workwear.

If enough people see your logo and know what you do the chances are that you will be the first person they think of when they are looking for the products or services you supply.


One of our customers, lets call him Jim is a plumbing and heating engineer.  We supply his branded uniform with company logo and gas safe logo embroidered on the opposite sleeve.  Quite often he does the school run in the mornings and pickups in the afternoon.  One of the other parents who sees Jim almost every day for the last 3 years came up to him to ask about an issue they were having with their boiler.  Jim hasn’t ever spoken about his work to this other parent, they’ve only exchanged the odd ‘Hello’.  Needless to say that without Jim wearing his branded workwear he would never have got the enquiry.

It’s actually happened to me too…

I was at a networking event wearing an embroidered soft shell jacket with our logo on the front and back.  After one of the event speakers had finished I was tapped on the shoulder by someone who said “Oh, I see you do workwear – I need to get some new gear, can you give me a call?” – he then handed me his card and later we quoted for his new uniform and he is now a long term repeat customer.

An even smarter way to get your customers advertising for you

Our client portal is a great way for businesses, teams, charities and organisations to sell their own branded clothing to their clients and customers.  The customer orders directly through our site meaning no aggro for the business owner such as collecting orders, sizing, colours, managing money, collecting orders, distributing them etc.  Instead we fulfill the order and send it straight to the customer.  The customer then happily wears the garments promoting the business!

This seems to work really well with personal trainers and fitness customers.  That’s not to say it wont work for any other business but you need to establish your business or brand as a ‘community’ or ‘hub’; somewhere that people come together.  That’s why it works well for personal trainers – all of their clients are generally in the same situation – they are there to get fit/stronger/healthier.  Needless to say then that when they reach their fitness goals they become ‘raving fans’ of the business owner who has helped them achieve this goal, and a raving fan will always happily promote your business any way they can.

We can work in a number of ways…

Sometimes the business owner is just happy that their clients are promoting their brand and sell the garments at what we charge them

Other customers use this platform as an additional revenue stream – a passive income where their customers are ordering branded items directly from us whilst the business owner makes a profit on each garment that is ordered.

Either way – the customer is not only buying the garment with the business’ logo on, they are also wearing these items out and about in the same places we mentioned earlier; going shopping, doing the school run, out for a jog etc.

Now how easy does that sound?

Who wouldn’t want their customers wearing their brand on their every day clothing?

If you want to know more about our online portals or to discuss how we can help you get your customers advertising your brand just give us a call on 01628 308810.

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