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Embroidered Workwear In A Hurry

Embroidered Workwear in a hurry

Fast turnaround – embroidered workwear in a hurry

It’s a regular occurrence in our industry to be approached by a client looking for extremely fast turnaround for their branded clothing.  Quite often I’ll get a call saying “Our current supplier has let us down and I need some embroidered workwear in a hurry – can you help?”  The answer is almost always “yes”.  Clients usually require their clothing for an upcoming job or event and tend to leave the personalised clothing order to the last minute.

The problem is that all companies and clients needs are different; and so each client will require a different type of personalised garment – whether it be polo shirts, smart shirts, hoodies, fleeces, PPE (hi vis) clothing or something else.  But they will also require different colours and sizes, which makes it almost impossible to keep a huge stock of these items in all the different sizes and colour variations.  The good news is that most of our clothing suppliers are open late and allow us to order up to 8pm for next day delivery.  This means that if you are looking for embroidered workwear in a hurry we can almost always help.

Embroidered Clothing Onsite and Inhouse

Some embroidery suppliers will outsource their embroidery to a trade embroiderer meaning timescales get stretched to allow for the garments to be sent to the embroiderers, the work to be carried out and then either sent back to the supplier or to the client.  We operate our own embroidery machines onsite meaning that we have complete control over the process and if we need to move a job up the process list in order to fulfil on time we can, meaning our clients are fully branded up at their upcoming job, show or event.

We also keep file of all previous client’s embroidery files so that if they need clothing produced in a hurry we have everything ready to go along with a history of the exact garments previously ordered and thread colours used for the logos.  For some clients we even keep a portal on our website to make it easy for them to order – they don’t need to wait to speak to us, they can simply access their page on our website, order the garments they require online at any time of day or night.

Last Minute Workwear – It’s all about planning

Of course, the safest way to ensure you have all your branded workwear on time for whichever event or job you are attending is to plan ahead.  Most of our clients will give us 2 weeks notice in order for us to schedule in the work alongside our existing orders.  Of course, if a last minute enquiry comes in and we can fulfil the order without disrupting our current workflow we are always happy to help.

When you next place an order with your current workwear supplier just ask them whether they have machines onsite and what would happen if you needed embroidered workwear in a hurry or an emergency.  Ask whether they could cope with the urgency.  It’s always a good idea to check so should the time arise you know exactly where to go and who you can count on.

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