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Personalised Fitness Clothing

Client Focus – The Fitness Experts

Client Focus: The Fitness Experts

Whether it’s stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol or getting fit, it’s always hard to maintain motivation once the ‘honeymoon period’ has run its course. We spoke to one of our clients, Tom Edwards from The Fitness Experts, who operates a gym with a difference based in Basingstoke.

Branded Sports Clothing

The Fitness Experts is a ‘bootcamp’ style gym where members meet for courses run by the Personal Trainers, also known as ‘Bootcamp Coaches’ who run group sessions, a bit like circuit training.  It’s a great concept as everyone is there to help each other with the same goal in mind.

Personalised Fitness Clothing

SP Workwear supply the Trainers and Bootcamp Coaches at The Fitness Centre with personalised polo shirts printed with the company logo and their title, and in some cases their own personal training company logos.  Other staff also have embroidered hoodies with the company logo to ensure they are visible at all times.  “Having our staff wear branded uniforms means they are easily identified, look smart and are approachable.  This helps to put our members at ease knowing that an instructor is nearby and is available if they need any assistance or support.”

Personalised Fitness Clothing

Branded Workwear for Personal Fitness Trainers

Tom is a real advocate for personalised and branded workwear, especially in his type of business: “I think in the Leisure and Fitness industry branded workwear is very important. There should be a clear divide between ‘working’ uniform and ‘training’ uniform, and when these two blur it’s hard for a member to tell who is on duty. ‘Who works here and who doesn’t?’ ‘Can I ask that instructor a question?’ Having our staff in uniform we immediately negate these problems.”

When it comes to getting fit and setting goals Tom gives some extremely useful advice:

“Getting back on the road to your goals after losing focus can be a struggle.  The easiest way psychologically to re-engage with your fitness training and nutrition goals is to put a theoretical line in the sand, reset and set new goals for the year.

Embroidered Fitness Hoodies

When setting goals always try and make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebased).

So as opposed to saying ‘This year I am going to lose weight’ try something along the lines of ‘By the end of November, I would like to lose 6 pounds and reduce my body fat.‘ By adhering to SMART goals you make your life a lot easier! Furthermore, setting small regular goals, say every three months, is much more psychologically rewarding than setting large yearly goals.

Once you have your goals in place it’s all about making it happen. The formula is simple: diet & exercise. By being consistent with your exercise (for example 3-times-a-week), and strict with your diet (but only 80% of the time – you need to reward yourself occasionally), you will easily start to see results.

Remember, once you have hit those quarterly targets, get right back on it again, set new targets and keep striving for success.”

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