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Stand out from your competition

Stand out from your competition in 2016

Stand out from your competition in 2016

Stand out from your competition

Let’s face it, you only get one chance at a first impression…  
Whilst you’re pondering your business moves for 2016 over your Christmas Turkey think about how your company presents itself in front of your customers. How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Our focus at SP Workwear is to help our clients stand out from their competitors – we do this through branded clothing and workwear, promotional goods and with our partners, printed collateral.

New Year, New Goals & Objectives

With every New Year, business owners set new goals & objectives for the Year ahead.  When planning your activities for the next 12 months think about the state of your current work uniform; is it looking a bit tired?  Have the logos faded through excess washing?  Have the garments lost shape?

All of these things may not seem a big deal to you, but think about your next new client…  Think about how you appear to them when you first meet them.  Now think about your competitor who has also been called to quote the customer, but these guys have brand new, smart polo shirts embroidered with crisp and vibrant logos.

They quote the client and leave them with some information printed on their new, up-to-date, glossy brochures and hand them a perfectly formed business card (instead of the your card that came out of your wallet and is all frayed around the corners and a bit tatty).  They leave the client with a promotional item (maybe a mug, or a torch keyring, or a magnet for their fridge with important information).  All of these factors help build a lasting impression on a new (and existing) client.  Now think about which supplier this client is more likely to remember…

It may be that neither of you get the job this time around, but who will the customer remember when they do decide they are ready to buy your services/products?

Embroidered Workwear Embroidered Workwear Promotional T-Shirts

Here at SP Workwear we have some fantastic options when it comes to branded workwear.  We have great Weatherproof jackets, ideal for working in cold and wet weather.  We also supply PPE clothing such as Hi Vis vests & jackets and hard hats for working safely.  We supply lightweight softshell jackets to create a more professional, hi-tech image.  We supply smart shirts for conferences & exhibitions, or polo shirts for a more relaxed look, or promotional t-shirts for a marketing campaign or event.

To discuss how we can help you stand out from your competition in 2016 give us a call on 0333 323 9595 or email