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Case Study: Speedy Turnaround for Solar Installer Company with Our Workwear Solutions


Feeling let down by their existing supplier and faced with a critical need for fast delivery of high-quality, branded workwear, Spirit Energy turned to us for a solution. They needed their team professionally outfitted urgently.

They didn’t want their installers to show up on-site without being branded in company uniform, a consistent high-quality image is important.

How We Helped: Behind the scenes

Following a quick discussion of their requirements we provided a like-for like quote from their previous supplier, who for some reason had become  generally unresponsive in communication.  After a quick approval of the quote we set about creating a visual.

  • Rapid Design and Approval Process:Immediately after our initial discussion, we swiftly digitised Spirit Energy’s logos and provided embroidered samples for approval, ensuring all items met their exact specifications.  They had a wide range of coloured garments so we made sure to produce visuals of the logos on all the different colours as we would need to switch out the logo colours based on the colour of the garment itself.  We wanted to make sure they were happy with every item.
  • Efficient Production and Customised Packaging:We efficiently managed the embroidery and printing of various workwear items on a large scale within a remarkably short timeframe. Additionally, we organised the workwear into individual packages for each staff member, making distribution straightforward and hassle-free for Spirit Energy.

Responsive Customer Service: Our team maintained open lines of communication throughout the process, ensuring that all aspects of the order met the high standards expected by Spirit Energy.



Exactly what they needed, delivered on time. This prompt and efficient service helped them maintain continuous operations and a professional image.

Client Feedback

Tok Charles from Spirit Energy praised the impact of our services on their operations:

Everything arrived yesterday, beautifully organised with packages for each staff member (which made my life a lot easier, thanks). It’s been beautifully printed and embroidered, in record time… Very impressed and very happy – I look forward to our next order.



We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. When your back’s against the wall, you can trust us to deliver.

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