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Best Quality Polo Shirts

What are the best quality polo shirts for printing or embroidering?​

Quality can often mean something different to each person.  The most important consideration is what does quality mean to you?  And the other important question is to ask what environment will the clothes you wish to purchase be used in?  For example, is it corporate wear, heavy duty wear for workmen, sportswear, giveaways at a trade show?  We would recommend different polo shirts for different environments… all of them are good quality but all offer something different.

What is the best quality branded polo shirt for a personal trainer?

The best quality polo shirts for a personal trainer or to be used in a sport environment e.g. golf or in the gym etc is a polo shirt that is 100% polyester.  Polyester branded polo shirts are lightweight and often have anti-bacterial properties and wick away sweat.  They also dry quickly and do not shrink in the same way as cotton sometimes can.

100% cotton polo shirts can shrink on their first wash and they need to be carefully washed on low temperatures and carefully ironed.  We wouldn’t advise 100% cotton polo shirts for any sports environment.

What is the best type of branded polo shirt for corporate environment?

The best type of branded polo shirt to be used in a corporate environment such as everyday office wear or on an exhibition stand is a slightly heavier weighted polyester.  These look very smart and are just that bit thicker giving a very good quality finish.

What is the best type of branded polo shirt for tradespeople or garages?

Workwear for tradespeople varies – for example we wouldn’t recommend a polyester branded polo shirt for an electrician as these can create static.  Static and electricity is obviously not a great mix but may be perfectly ok for a plumber or builder etc.

For builders clothing we do recommend harder wearing poly cotton blends for tradespeople looking for a good quality but durable polo shirt to promote their business.   Poly cotton polo shirts are often breathable and harder wearing so will survive many washes and still look good whilst maintaining their shape.