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Improve your efficiency with branded Workwear and uniforms

There are many advantages of wearing the same items of clothing each day (and I don’t mean literally the same tshirt every day!!). It has been said that wearing the same items every day leads to a clearer mind and more efficient thinking…

Take the mogul Steve Jobs of Apple – he was renowned for his wardrobe style. The classic look of blue jeans, white New Balance ‘sneakers’ (trainers to you and I) and the infamous black turtleneck combo was his iconic ‘look’. Just Google Image search Steve Jobs and every picture is him wearing the same thing.

The reason behind his monotonous ‘uniform’ was not to set a new trend but simply because it meant he didn’t have to think about what to wear to work each day. This meant one less unimportant decision to make saving both time and brainpower. The average human makes around 35,000 decisions every day; what to have for breakfast, which shower cubicle to use in the gym, what to wear to work etc. and the thought of reducing the amount of brainpower required for menial decisions would lead to a more productive use of his brain when an ‘important’ decision needed to be made.

Another iconic outfit

Mark Zuckerberg is another example of someone who wears the same thing to work each day and for the same reasons.

Wearing the same outfit every day is almost the exact same as wearing a uniform for work, just without the branded logo on the front.

Another great reason for adopting a branded uniform for your business is to promote your brand. Your staff will be wearing your logo and help your future customers recognise your brand more.

Take a look at the Ikea uniform – people who know the brand would easily recognise someone in an Ikea uniform wherever you met them. It’s the image they have built with their iconic blue and yellow branding that makes them easily recognisable.  Likewise for someone who works at Sainsbury’s, with their burgundy and orange colour branding. These companies have built their brand identity so that customers can recognise them easily, which over time builds trust as the brands are more regularly noticed.

So if you want your staff to be more efficient when they’re at work, make sure they have a branded uniform to wear… This will reduce the decisions needed to choose what to wear for work so they’re more efficient when they’re at work – And build your brand identity all at the same time!