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Top tips on designing & sending t-shirts for webinars & remote video calls

We’ve had a huge influx of enquiries for customers wanting branded t-shirts for their upcoming webinars,virtual sales kick offs and remote collaborations. We thought it would be best to share some top tips on designing t-shirts for these remote sessions to get the most out of your investment.

Front Design Only…

You’re on video – so why worry about about the back? It’s an unnecessary cost and, unless everyone decides to turn around there’s not much point in adding anything to the back of the t-shirts.

Keep it bold and simple

Remember, each video will be a tiny section of your screen so if you want to capture something great keep your designs simple and bold – whether it’s just your company logo on the breast, or printed across the chest or a message, or simple graphic less is more, especially if you want people to take note of what is actually printed on the t-shirts.

Lots of colours aren’t that important here

Again, seeing as you’ll be seen only as a small section on a screen lots of colours aren’t hugely important, they’ll most likely just add to the cost of producing them. Instead, keep it simple with just one or two colours. If you go with a nice bold coloured t-shirt then consider just a simple 1 colour print (most cost effective) or if you want to keep with a universal colour consider keeping number of colours to a minimum.

Consider uses

If you go with a really bold coloured t-shirt the chances are that many of the recipients will use the t-shirt for the call and nothing else (except perhaps a duster!). If you keep your design simple and subtle (but visible) and the t-shirt colour neutral like black, white, grey etc the chances of the recipient wearing your t-shirt again is much higher – whether it’s for a run, or out shopping you’re getting a larger return on investment as your logo and company brand will be visible outside the house.

Plan ahead

At the moment, shipping and courier services are being stretch to the limit so if you have a webinar planned for a certain event, don’t leave it to a few days before just in case. Royal Mail are under a lot of strain at the moment – I know from personal experience as my Dad’s birthday was the 9th April and although my cousin sent his card on the 4th it didn’t arrive until 23rd April! Consider this when you are planning your delivery and logistics. Even ‘next day’ couriers are now widening the service saying it can take up to 3 working days so make sure you consider this as once items are sent this is very much beyond the control of anyone within the business.

Have Fun!

After all, we are in strange and uncertain times so if you are planning a webinar, sales kick off or other online event then make it fun – make your design quirky and something that will make the recipient laugh and appreciate being part of your event. Remember, for all your branding and shipping needs we are here. Just contact us at [email protected] or 01628 308810.

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