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Important things to consider when ordering workwear

Important things to consider when ordering branded workwear.

Are you looking to purchase branded workwear to help promote your business?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of companies offering branded workwear and the many choices available to you?  You are not alone!  We receive many calls from business owners unsure where to start in the ordering process, but we hope this article will be of help to you.

  1. What type of branded workwear do you/your employees need?

Before you start jumping in to looking at your logo and costs to embroider or print it, consider what types of branded workwear you need.  Does your business require people to work inside or outside?  Are you going to need to different items of clothing for different seasons?  Do you need to meet any health and safety regulations e.g. flame retardant fabrics or high vis materials? 

It helps to make a list of roles of employees in your organisation and what their job entails.  For example, if you are a tyre company or garage – you will need hard wearing trousers, possibly fleeces or jackets for mechanics but your reception staff may only need a shirt or a hoodie. 

2. Fabric choices – what does quality mean to you?

We often receive requests for quotations for ‘quality’ workwear – but what does ‘quality’ branded clothing and workwear mean exactly? 

Quality for one person can mean something quite different to another.  For example, quality embroidered workwear can mean a thick fabric for one company yet for another it is a durable, long lasting product that does not shrink in the wash.

You can purchase everyday t-shirts to moisture wicking performance, breathable panels, sleek piping, reversable workwear or flame retardant clothing.  So, before you ask for a quote for ‘quality’ branded workwear decide what quality means to you.

3. Cut and Fit – Unisex or Women’s cut?

There are many products that offer you unisex and women’s cuts so it is worth considering when you are ordering products whether female staff would prefer a different cut.  You can find women’s cuts in many workwear items including fleeces, polo shirts etc. 

It is important for everyone to feel good in their branded workwear so don’t adopt a one size will fit all approach when ordering.  Do ask your team if they would like a more fitted cut so you can factor this in.  There isn’t normally any price difference – it’s just a question of factoring this in when thinking about the sizes you need.

4. Branded Workwear and Design

So now you’ve decided on what type of branded workwear you need, the fabric/quality that is important to you, the cut and sizes so now it’s time to turn your attention to the detail. 

Colour – do you want something that can easily be seen.  If your staff are in a shop or a warehouse perhaps you may want to consider something like an orange, purple or turquoise that helps to make them stand out.  If you are in a corporate environment perhaps you are looking for something more conservative such as a navy or if in a dirty environment such as a garage or similar you might want to opt for black.    

Think about your logo – is it just this you want to use?  Does it convey who you are and what you do?  Companies often embroider their logo (left breast) but we’ve seen lots of other creative ideas.  You can add questions, fun slogans, strap lines, web and tel numbers and much more.   Often companies opt for a message and web address on the reverse of clothing.

Consider why you embarked on this process of buying branded workwear for staff –  what message do you want to convey to your existing and potential customers?.  Branded clothing gives you an opportunity to engage with people so what is it you want people to know?

5. Print or embroidery?  Balancing cost and finish

There is a fine balance between achieving the branded workwear look you want to achieve while making it affordable – especially if you need to order in quantity.   This is where seeking professional advice will help.  SP Workwear can advise on embroidery and different print processes.

You may have a multi-coloured logo that that can work equally well in one colour.  It is also possible to combine print and embroidery to balance cost.  Often if you have a large area of branding this can be printed and your co’ logo can be embroidered.

So to conclude – it is possible to achieve quality branded clothing that conveys a strong message while balancing cost.  All you need is a little professional help.

For more advice on creating branded workwear for your business, please get in touch with our team.